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Restoration hand bags and shoes like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many high end brands.  Professional finished, upscale and unique. 

If your brand name shoes are not comfortable or tight, just bring them and we will customize them exactly to your feet. We can widen them and get them exactly to your size and fit. Just come to the store and we'll take care of you. No more struggling and start using those shoes that never fit.

We can change the handle in a professional way to get you the original strap  or any metal and broken furnishings for any brand name bag that you have. Just bring it and it will be like new.

We also fix and restore and clean vintage and antique bags.

Expert shoe and leather repair

Bring or ship your shoes and we will fix and restore them to look like new. 

Also, if they area too tight we can re last it, change the toe, the heel and make it pefect for you to fit exactly the way you want them


We specialize on problem feet shoes in:

Heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, diabetic shoes, orthopedic shoes, remodeling of shoes, replication of shoes.

Sizes 1 to 18EEE & up, narrow feet shoes. Women A, B, C, width 2A - 6E

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204 West 30th St New York, NY 10001  |   (212) 470-2600 - (212) 239-4009   info@custommadeshoes.com